Tips for whiter teeth for party season

Tips for whiter teeth for party season

With party season approaching, naturally, everyone wants to look their best.

From posing for family portraits beside the Christmas tree, to candid snaps in your company’s party photo booth, tis the season to smile! Teeth whitening has become one of the more popular cosmetic dentistry treatments because it really can transform your smile by making your teeth up to 8 times brighter.

We’ve rustled up some tips to keep in mind this Festive season to achieve a whiter smile that will truly shine:

Eat your way to whiter teeth. Apples are considered ‘nature’s toothbrush’ because they are firm and crisp. If you’re on the move and can’t brush your teeth, reach for apples, carrots or celery as their rough edges act as a scraper of bacteria from teeth. If you know you won’t be brushing for a few hours, use these ‘detergent foods’ as the final morsel in your meal and keep your teeth fresh and particle-free.

Boost your calcium. You were probably thinking milk, but in fact, it’s cheese that has the calcium our teeth need to stay white. Cheese is known to speed the neutralisation of acid and remineralisation of enamel, and less damage to our enamel, means less discolouration. If you find cheese too fattening, look for healthier alternative sources of calcium like milk and yoghurt that also contain phosphorous – vital for strong bones and teeth.

Wash away the stains. Water – the lifeblood of our bodies. Not only is it incredibly good for our health, water is great for maintaining optimum oral wellbeing. Acting as a natural cleanser, it has the ability to wash away bacteria and left-over residue after eating. Keep your mouth bacteria-free by drinking a glass of water after every meal.

Why go out, when you can stay in? Take-home whitening kits are nifty and convenient, and sometimes even cheaper. Grab a take-home kit complete with dental trays and whitening gel and maintain whiter teeth in the comfort of your home. Be careful though, some dental whitening strips can leave your teeth dry and dehydrated, which may make their colour seem dull.

Chew for neutrality. Chewing sugar-free gum is another nifty way of keeping your teeth bright this season. Gum removes debris while also stimulating saliva. Saliva is so important because it neutralises acid and remineralises enamel so your teeth can stay strong and healthy. Reach for the sugar-free gum with whitening properties for an extra boost!

Cut the cigarettes. Tobacco causes severe teeth discolouration and stains because the nicotine and tar darken teeth and therefore they lose their natural white. Just say ‘no’ and kick the habit today. It’s a bad habit and cutting out all tobacco products will open up many more options to teeth whitening.

Brush for brightness. Toothbrushes are so important to maintain white teeth. Be sure to change your toothbrush or electric toothbrush head, at least every two months to avoid transferring bacteria back to your mouth. Be gentle and kind to your teeth but use proper technique and brush for at least 2-3 minutes, twice a day.

Go the extra mile and floss. People underestimate the power of flossing. By removing stains between your teeth, floss has the power to give you an instantly whiter smile. Give it a try once a day and notice a change not only in your smile, but your gum health too.

Stick to your six-monthly check-ups. These appointments will ensure your teeth are squeaky clean and any issues you may have, can be dealt with before a serious issue arises. Keep your mouth hygienic, healthy and free from bacteria. These check-ups maintain a whiter, brighter smile, mouth and gums.

Keep it light. As a rule of thumb, dark-coloured foods are known to cause discolouration of the enamel of teeth. Avoid foods like red wine, balsamic vinegar and coffee that are notorious for discolouring teeth. If you really can’t resist, down a glass of water after every glass of wine or cup of coffee.

Do the right thing – see a professional. When all is said and done, nothing beats an in-chair dentist teeth whitening procedure. Starting with a thorough clean and scale, followed by a basic stain removal and assessment, your dentist is the only qualified professional to give you the best type of teeth whitening with the most effective results. If you’re scouting for a skilled dental team that can help you achieve the whitest smile, look no further than Sunnybank Plaza Dental.

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